Tourvans, Backline, Rehearsal Studio’s

Toursupport covers all aspects of touring for international and local artists. We provide transportation for the music industry, specialising in tourvans and backline transport services. At our headquarters in Ghent (Belgium) we also operate a music centre "Muziekcentrum Goedleven " with rehearsel studio's fully equipped with PA & backline. If you are looking for a decent place to rehearse your set, to check your gear, to sleep, to spend a day off, our music centre might just be what you are looking for. TourSupport also offers  bedroom apartments up to 11 persons in the heart of Ghent (bandresort) for bands/artists travelling around Europe and performing in Ghent.

If you would like to combine several of our services, we can offer you budget friendly package rates. For quotes or more information contact us at

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We have an extensive range of 9-seater Mercedes Benz splitter vans. All vans are regularly garage-maintained and especially equipped to take you, your crew and your backline anywhere you need to be. All our vans have a maximum carrying capacity of 3,5 tones. If your band needs more load space than the van allows, we can offer you a trailer with a maximum carrying capacity of 750 kg or 1200 kg. All our vans are properly insured to drive yourself. If you’re still looking for someone to drive your van, we can help you. You can pick up your van and your rental backline at our headquarters in Ghent or you can have it dropped off anywhere you need it to be.


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2016 3D Family, 50 Foot Combo, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Aborted, Absynthe Minded, Adamo, Admiral Freebee, Aksak Maboul, Ale Kuma, Alexandre Cello Octet, Alice On The Roof, All we expected, Allah-las, Amatorski, Amenra, Amongster, An Pierlé, Animation Musicale, Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra, Arno, Art-spot, Baloji, Balthazar, Bazart, Benjamin Viteux, Bent Van Looy, Beo, Bevergem, Billie, Bing & Ruth, Black Box Revelation, Black Flower, Boogie Belgium, Breathing While Buried, BRNS, Broederliefde, Brutus, Caruur, Chantal Acda, Cheap Drugs, Chrandesyx, Clubcircuit, Cocaine Piss, Coely, Colline Hill, Crookers, Daan, Damage Bookings, Dans Dans, David Caprosa, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, De Staat, Della, Delta Crash, Delvis, Depot Leuven, Devil in a box, Dieter Bosschaerts, Dirk Vanhalst, Doomstar, Dorre, Douglas Firs, Eleanora, Ertebrekers, Faces On Tv, Warpaint, Few Bits, Flat Earth Society, Fleddy Melcully, Floyd Maywater, Flying Horseman, Frank Voet, Freaky Age, Future old people are wizards, Gentlemanagement, Gis, Glints, Go March, Goose, Guitar Guitar, Gutterdammerung, High Hi, Hooverphonic, Humble Services, Hypochristmutreefuzz, I Will I Swear, ICTC, Imaginary Dictionary, Isle of Men, Ithillien, J. Bernardt, Jail, Jamie Lidell, Jeanne Humbert, Jeroen Provoost, Junior Boys, Just like your Mom, Kaiser Chiefs, Katy B, Kenji Minogue, Kid Ink, King Dalton, Koba, Konoko, La Chiva Gantiva, La Muerte, Landers Bogband, Lobbycall, Madness, Magnus, Marble Sounds, Mark Foggo, Melanie de Biasio, Michel Winter, Milo Meskens, Milow, Mokja!, Montevideo, Musicness, Nadar Ensemble, Nervana, Netsky, New Bleeders, Newmoon, Nicolas Goffe, Noemie Wolfs, Nordmann, Oathbreaker, Ortta, Otis Tours, Parquet Courts, Perry, Pissed Jeans, Pomrad, Popcollege, Poppunt, Protection Petrol Pinkerton, Psychic Tv, Puggy, Quatre Mains Piano's, Radio Birdman, Raketkanon, Robbing Millions, Roxas, Sans Saucisse, Sarah Ferri, Saturnalia Temple, Scene-off, School Is Cool, Sharko, Sigma, Silent Giant, Sioen, Skangoeroes, Skarbone, Skyve Soundsystem, Slaughter Messiah, SMart, Snowjam, Soldiers Heart, Stadt, Steak Number Eight, Stijn Deschacht, Strains, Stuff, Sundo, Supersuckers, SX, Taxiwars, Team William, Teenage Head Music, The Baboons, The Blackheart Rebellion, The Dandy Warhols, The Devilles, The K, The Kooks, The Magician, The Spectors, The Subs, The Van Jets, Tiga, Tiny Legs Tim, Tommygun, Tourist lemc, Trip Hazard, Trixie Whitley, Tsar B, Tsunami Surfers, Vapors of Morphine, Venomous Concept, Via Lactea, Victoria + Jean, Vive La Fete, Vuurwerk, Vvounds, vzw Lejo, Wallace Vanborn, Warhaus, Warpaint, Wata Wata, Wiegedood, Winterslag, Wooly Mommoths, Yelawolf, Zephyrus, Zimmerman.